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PAC: Poly Aluminum Chloride

Pro perties: poly aluminum chloride is a polyvalent polymeric electrolyte coagulant of inorganic polymer, which is a intermediate hydrolysate between aluminum trichloride and aluminum hydroxide. Because of the bridging effect of chlorine ions and the polymerization of polyvalent ions, inorganic macromolecule water treatment agents with larger molecular weight and higher charge are formed.

Use: River water, reservoir water, reservoir water, groundwater purification, industrial water supply purification, municipal sewage treatment, sludge treatment, coal washing, papermaking sizing, cosmetics raw materials and catalytic carrier, printing and dyeing, leather, wine, meat processing, mining, refining and heavy metal industry sewage treatment. Treatment of highly toxic heavy metals and fluorinated sewage.

Packaging: solid, polyethylene coated outer bags, double lining with inner lining, each bag 25kg.

Storage and transportation:
Liquid: light unloading should be carried out so as to avoid packaging damage and not to co transport with harmful drugs. Drying at normal temperature and storage period of liquid products for six months. Used in sealed canned vehicles or plastic containers.
Solid: it should be lightly discharged to avoid packing damage and not to carry or store with harmful drugs.

Characteristics: stable chemical properties at normal temperature, innoxious and harmless, high safety of water purification, quick reaction, low dosage, rapid formation of alum flower, fast mass settlement and good filter property, which can improve the utilization of equipment, low cost and low labor intensity. The PH value of the raw water is wide, and it can be condensed in pH 4-12. PH 6-8 is the best.  The treated water has strong adaptability and is suitable for various water bodies treatment, especially for high turbidity water purification.  There is no alkaline or other coagulant. It also solves the problem that other agents are not easy to deal with low turbidity water and low temperature water (below 4 degrees) with poor response and slow effect. Good water solubility, excessive dosage, no side effects, easy operation and management, no corrosion to water treatment equipment and pipelines.

Usage: according to the different conditions of raw water, the general water supply and purification quantity; solid 3-30PPm, liquid product 10-100ppm. The dosage was added according to the best dosage and adjusted in use. For example, if there is little amount of alum in the sedimentation tank, the amount of dosage will be too small if there is too much turbidity.

PAC: Poly Aluminum Chloride